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IsatPhone 2

A powerful, dependable and rugged satellite phone connects you wherever you are on the planet – no matter how remote.

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Inmarsat’s IsatPhone 2 is a tough phone for a tough world. No matter what conditions you may be facing, our robust handset has got you covered. 

Operating on the most reliable satellite communications network in the world, IsatPhone 2 offers you unrivalled battery life as well as email, SMS and GPS capabilities to make sure you stay connected.

Ready. Reliable. Robust.



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Inmarsat Isatphone2

This new-generation handheld satellite phone will keep you connected in the most extreme and remote locations. A robust handset, unrivalled battery life, excellent voice quality and the reliability you expect from the world’s leading provider of mobile satellite communications – IsatPhone 2 delivers it all.


  • Focus on easy connectivity (around 45 seconds)

  • User-friendly features such as an E-compass and tracking

  • Better screen with transflective display

  • Tracking and “Emergency” buttons

  • Ring when the antenna is stowed

  • Purpose built holster

Inmarsat Coverage
Inmarsat Coverage Map

Coverage Area




Let us help you get connected and stay connected.  

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