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V-Net, The Clarus Networks Group partner to provide STARLINK Maritime Connectivity


Jul 14, 2023

V-Net Communications, a local ICT provider has partnered with The Clarus Networks Group, a UK-based authorized reseller of STARLINK services, to offer Maritime connectivity. The two businesses have entered into an agreement whereby V-Net will deploy and support “STARLINK Maritime” connectivity services and support each other to enhance their offerings in their respective market sectors. This will significantly improve their joint capabilities and will facilitate the rapidly growing demand for connectivity in the developing Oil & Gas and Maritime sectors in South America.

V-Net Communications has identified the key areas and continues to promote the need for such critical service in the Maritime industry especially in South America and the Caribbean at large. STARLINK is a cost-effective service with high-speed, low-latency global sea and ocean coverage. There are many areas in which the two companies can enhance connectivity by working together. Because of V-Net's track record in serving the local and regional markets, the company is uniquely qualified for ensuring the distribution, installations, and technical support of this service.

“We believe that communication is key in the growth and development of all major sectors, especially for those in areas where there is little to no connectivity. This partnership enables us to offer STARLINK to our clients where there is a need for connectivity at sea, ensuring that businesses get the connection they need to thrive”, said V-Net’s Founder & CEO, Safraz Sheriffudeen.

Warren dos Reis Marques, Channel Partner Manager at Clarus, commented:

“We’re delighted to be partnering with V-Net and leveraging their expertise in this region. This partnership strengthens both companies' abilities to deliver comprehensive connectivity solutions and meet the diverse needs of our customers. Working together, we can reach a wider audience, expand market reach, and increase the adoption of STARLINK services in South America and the Caribbean.”

About Clarus

Founded in 2014, Clarus specializes in offering customers fully managed networking solutions to connect businesses with their teams across the world, no matter how remotely located they are. From energy and construction to retail and healthcare, Clarus works across a wide range of sectors providing network design, installation, and support services, keeping users online 24/7. The company’s main divisions include CLEO, Boost Pro, and Clarus Site Solutions.


STARLINK is the world’s first and largest satellite constellation using a low Earth orbit to deliver broadband internet capable of supporting live streaming, IoT, video calls and more.

Leveraging advanced satellites and user hardware coupled with deep experience with both spacecraft and on-orbit operations, STARLINK delivers high-speed, low-latency internet to users all over the world.

About V-Net

V-Net Communications was founded in 2012 with the aim is to provide viable ICT (Information and Communication Technology) Platform Solutions to strengthen and develop communication capabilities through Connectivity and Smart Technologies in a Sustainable environment. We make this possible with our trained and qualified staff and strategic alliance with network and platform partners.

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