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Boosting Satellite Communication in Hinterland Communities


Jun 30, 2023

The Nexat platform will help improve the efficiency of VNET’s operations, affording the company more time to better serve sectors including education, health, mining and oil & gas with high-performing and tailored networks.

“The neXat platform will put us in control of this network by offering us an array of tools that can greatly enhance the quality of service to our clients. This will add value to all facets of rural development and ensure that businesses get the connectivity they need to thrive”, said VNET’s Founder & CEO, Safraz Sheriffudeen.

neXat’s Senior Vice President Global Solutions Enterprise, Michele Ceragioli said “VNET is a valued partner that is dedicated to delivering improved connectivity options in Guyana and is enthusiastically embracing innovative solutions to do so. We’re excited to further explore the options to grow our activity in the Guyanese market in several sectors.

“neXat is once again demonstrating the strength of our platform’s flexibility by attracting major new partners in the new South American market.”

“With over 15 years’ experience in the VSAT industry, I believe the neXat team and its platform gives us the tools needed to monitor, control and take timely actions needed to ensure the best in quality, stability and always-online connectivity,” added Safraz.

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