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Luxury Hotel


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Guest Rooms

RF cardholders, including concierges, guests, and cleaners, can be easily identified with distinct permissions as soon as the card is inserted. This enables our devices and appliances to automatically activate or enter stand-by mode when the card is removed, ensuring seamless and efficient operations.

Hotel Bedroom Entrance
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Welcome Mode

As a guest walks in the room, power will be supplied and “Welcome” mode activated with a voice message and best temperature. If the system recognizes the daytime, the curtains will be pulled back, and if it is nighttime, the curtains closed and the lights on.

Hotel Room

Comfortable Temperature

With the HDL Intelligent Hotel Management System, the receptionist can easily select the "Check-in" mode for guests. As a result, the system will automatically activate the air conditioner and maintain a comfortable temperature even before the guest enters the room. Moreover, when the guest leaves the room, the AC will seamlessly transition into the "Stand-by" mode to conserve energy. Experience smart and efficient hotel management with our advanced system.



The HDL media player seamlessly connects to a wide range of electronic products, offering guests a delightful entertainment experience. Enjoy moments of pure entertainment and relaxation with our versatile media player.

Image by Vojtech Bruzek

Smart Panels

The hotel has the capability to preconfigure a variety of scenes on the control panels, including commonly used ones like DND, MUR, Away, and Welcome. Through our intelligent management software, the staff can promptly receive and address guest requests, ultimately enhancing overall working efficiency. Experience streamlined operations and elevated guest satisfaction with our intelligent scene management system.



The reception area is often the initial point of contact for hotel guests, making it crucial to create a welcoming atmosphere. With meticulous control over lighting and HVAC systems, HDL guarantees that your hotel consistently leaves a lasting first impression. Experience the power of our solutions in setting the perfect ambiance for your guests right from the moment they step through your doors.

Image by Danielle Cerullo

Meeting Room

Meeting rooms require seamless control of multiple devices, and that's where HDL's hotel automation system excels. With the ability to preset various "Scenes" like meeting mode, projection mode, and break mode on HDL wall panels or PC, we ensure quick and easy access to the functionalities you need. Experience improved working efficiency and enhanced meeting experiences with our smart solutions at your fingertips.

Image by Andy Vult

Hallways & stairwells

Hallways and stairwells are essential to any hotel, and although only briefly occupied, can contribute significantly to a building’s overall energy expenditure. With HDL’s extensive range of on demand lighting solutions, lighting fixtures can be turned off or dimmed when a hallway is unoccupied, and return to their normal operational state when approached by a guest or a member of staff.

Pool Beds


Whether you have a swimming pool, gym, spa, or sauna, HDL can provide a smart hotel solution to automate every aspect, from water temperature to air conditioning. Regardless of your hotel's size or resources, we specialize in designing custom management systems that enhance guest comfort and promote energy efficiency. Trust HDL to create a tailored solution that optimizes your hotel operations and ensures a seamless and enjoyable experience for your guests.


Recreational Center

Guests can unwind and indulge in a truly enjoyable experience at the recreational center. With HDL's smart hotel solutions, you can create a captivating lighting effect that leaves a lasting impression on your guests, thanks to the integration of DMX modules. Elevate the ambiance of your recreational center and provide a truly memorable experience for your guests with our innovative solutions.

Hotel Swimming Pool

Outdoor Lighting

The lighting effect plays a crucial role in shaping the guest experience. With our system, you can achieve maximum efficiency by automating the lights. For instance, every hour during the night, all the lights and fountains will illuminate, creating a captivating ambiance for your guests. Enhance their experience and make a lasting impression with our intelligent lighting solutions.

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