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Commercial Building Exterior


Empty Commercial Space

Energy Saving

Energy consumption in commercial buildings is a significant concern for businesses today. Lighting and HVAC devices alone account for 70% of a building's electricity usage, but inefficient building management systems result in nearly half of this energy being wasted. However, with HDL's commercial solutions, buildings can reduce their power consumption by at least 30%. Embrace our intelligent solutions to optimize energy usage and enhance sustainability while saving on operational costs.

Image by Krisztina Papp


Given the unique attributes of commercial buildings, efficient management becomes essential. With HDL's building controls and solutions, management staff can enjoy the convenience of centralized control over all devices within the building, accessible through a PC, wall panels, or iOS/Android devices. In addition to centralized control, automatic control further enhances efficiency, streamlining operations and optimizing performance. Embrace the power of our smart solutions and experience seamless management like never before.

Image by Smartworks Coworking


Buildings are like our second skin, as we spend nearly 75% of our lives inside them. Our core belief is that buildings should adapt to people, not the other way around. For instance, through intelligent logic settings and sensor integration, our buildings automatically adjust brightness, making optimal use of natural light. The HVAC system maintains a comfortable temperature, ensuring excellent air quality throughout the space. Experience the seamless harmony between people and buildings with our innovative solutions.

Image by Ervan Sugiana

Safety & Security

A commercial solution can significantly enhance safety and security by seamlessly integrating sensors and other devices. Safety and security are particularly crucial for commercial buildings, and our solutions cater to those needs by offering access control, security alarm systems, CCTV systems, and more. In the event of an intruder detection, the management staff will promptly receive a message, ensuring quick response and peace of mind. Experience the power of our comprehensive safety and security solutions, designed to protect your commercial space effectively.

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